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Menteri PAN-RB: THR diharap tingkatkan kinerja aparatur pemerintah

Government Hopes THR Will Improve Performance and Public Services

The Minister of State Apparatus Empowerment and Bureaucratic Reform (PAN-RB), Abdullah Azwar Anas, has expressed his hopes that the government’s distribution of holiday allowance (THR) to all government officials will improve their performance, improve public services, and encourage innovation. Anas stated that the granting of THR is a government recognition of the contributions made by all government officials, and that it is hoped that this will lead to improved performance, better public services, and further innovation.

In addition, Anas stated that the granting of THR is an effort by the government to stimulate the economy through government officials spending their THRs on various needs. Thus, THR for government officials also serves as a fiscal instrument that strengthens the foundation of Indonesia’s economic recovery.

During the same press conference with Finance Minister Sri Mulyani, Anas expressed his appreciation for all government officials for their contributions in providing the best public services. He acknowledged the many innovations and hard work done by government officials to serve the public, which has enabled Indonesia to continue to grow in the face of various challenges.

An example of this is the hard work and cooperation demonstrated by government officials in handling the COVID-19 pandemic. “Civil servants, together with the TNI/Polri and all elements of society, worked together to control the pandemic and Indonesia’s pandemic management is among the best in the world”, he said.

Previously, Sri Mulyani announced that the government would begin disbursing THR 2023 ten days prior to Eid al-Ftir for government officials, TNI/Polri personnel, and retirees. “The disbursement of THR will begin from ten days before Eid al-Fitr, around April 4,” she said.

THR 2023 will be given to all government officials and retirees, including central civil servants, TNI and Polri personnel, and government officials totaling around 1.8 million people, as well as around 3.7 million regional civil servants, including the 1.1 million civil servant teachers who receive professional teacher allowance and additional income allowance, and other general allowances.

THR 2023 will consist of basic salary or pension plus allowances attached to basic salary or pension, such as family allowances, food allowances, and structural and functional job or general allowances.

THR 2023 will also be increased by 50% performance allowances per month for those who receive performance allowances.

Overall, the government hopes that the distribution of THR will have a positive impact on the economy and on public services.

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